As with all other forums, the OFF TOPIC rules are simple:

1. Respect others. Love thy neighbor. Don't write stupid shit. Don't start fights. Be civilized, even if you're exploring the existential.

2. If a fight is started or if someone writes stupid shit, contact a Moderator or Administrator first. We will have the user banned. Et voila.

3. DO NOT post spam. DO NOT advertise your godmother's vintage clothing shop, chic as it may be. DO promote your book, but only within your signature! Please, no threads titled "CHECK OUT MY NEW POETRY COLLECTION!! WOOHOO!" You will be warned.

4. DO NOT post porn. Yes, we realize that 90% of the internet is saturated with it, but no porn here. Nicht gut. There are 90% other websites / Tumblr accounts / etc for that.

5. There is to be no 'bumping' of threads. It's just... obnoxious.

6. Respect others.