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Thread: Steve Nahaj: On The Verge

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    Steve Nahaj: On The Verge

    On The Verge (?)

    Some nights (and days for that matter),

    I feel that Iím on the verge of insanity.

    Whether it is a pleasant form of insanity

    or one that knocks me from the surface

    Iím not sure

    Iím uncertain; but whatís new, Sue?

    I survey empty spaces

    Light the last of wicks

    Drink bottles with no liquid

    Smile the smile that no one sees

    I remember things that Iíve never remembered until now

    The horse running alongside my truck

    That waitress or that schoolteacher

    I see the starsĖ same as theyíve always been

    ísíall so clear in these moments

    And yet Iím on the verge

    The verge, then, is to be questioned

    Where does it lead, where does it go?

    Would I return? Would I care?

    And would I know

    O would I know

    If I were already there?


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