“Where have all the poets gone?”

Runaway Poets aims to absorb this question and reflect the answer. By fusing literature and everyday events in a hybrid documentary style, we create portraits of contemporary poets; both known and unknown, national and international.

RP is the voice of a generation. For the lost inquisitive souls who spurn the status quo. A showcase of writers who are prone to lace up boots, get behind the wheel, dig for experience. The questions we really want to raise are “What defines a poet in the 21st Century? What kind of lives do they lead? And what can they reveal about our global identity?”

What you can expect.

Once monthly, we’ll release a new episode featuring a contemporary poet and different city. Sometimes the same city as the previous episode – but we try to get around! There is no traditional plot. No acting. Our sole intention is to capture the poets’ writing (and reading) styles, as well as to provide a glimpse of their personal world. All episodes will be available to watch via our website, YouTube, and Vimeo pages.

The writers featured in this series will soon have work for sale here. Under the top-right menu, you can find our bookstore. Check back in the near future, as we are currently developing this section. If you enjoyed watching a poet in an episode, this will be the best way to show your support.

Are you a Runaway Poet?

Currently NOT casting for future episodes. 

To apply, send an email to info@runawaypoets.com with the following information:

  • 2-3 samples of your poetry
  • At least one headshot or photo
  • Your location
  • Any video or voice samples
  • You do not have to be published, but please let us know if you are. Also if self-published.

Are you a Runaway Poet-Producer?

Not only are we seeking poets to be featured as on-screen talent; we’re also looking for experienced filmmakers who can produce new episodes in different cities and countries. Although not requisite, we prefer filmmakers who are connected with a network of poets/writers, or spoken word groups.

Additionally, we’re interested in writers who can provide homemade videos of an experience/moment/event along with a story article that describes it, like this example.

Again, to apply, send an email to info@runawaypoets.com containing a brief bio, your location, and a link to your portfolio.