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—Welcome to Runaway Poets, a web series & publishing collective that anchors on the footloose, freewheeling writers of our time. Take a look!

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— Sensational Rhiannon McGavin is at ease among the florid trimmings of Paris, despite hailing from hyper LA. Listen as she reads from her new chapbook, Branches, and afterwards, an engaging interview with Steve Nahaj.

— In the quiet moments between parenting and photography, Kelly pens sincere lines about modern life, echoing our Millennial climate. Here in Annapolis, she reflects at the start of a new year.

— She has the clearest canvases of any known artist (with the exception, perhaps, of skywriting pilots). Recently, Alison Koehler treated us to an intimate reading, garbed in Poetry Brothel attire.

— Yann is no stranger to sleepless nights. In fact he actively seeks them, with bottle of Ricard tucked away and sights on the Seine. Come one, come all. Mr. Rousselot envelops us in sci-fi inspired poetry.

— Moe Seager is one part jazzman, one part poet, one part journalist, and 100% beatific. In the final episode of 2016, Moe allows us a glimpse of his Parisian lifestyle while reading from his latest collection.

— Cecilia Llompart comes across as one who treads lightly, but her words have laid the staunch foundation of a dazzling first collection, The Wingless. We met up to wander the grounds of Père Lachaise Cemetery.

— Amsterdam has always been a preferred city of ours, and poet/musician James Jewell agrees wholeheartedly. We caught the afternoon train north, abandoning agendas in its wake.

— Though he appears clean enough, author René Ghosh (right) felt the urge to jump inside of Paris's only bathtub table during our shoot, prompting new legend: that Canadian guy who writes in faraway tubs.

— Raluca Petrescu is the kind of poet that beckons the "look closer" expression. Her verse evokes a range of emotion that we could only hope to capture with the palette of Paris. Join us for another literary adventure!

— Wake up early in the Rocky Mountains and travel to Bucharest via Kevin Reed's prose. Plus: a heart-to-heart chat with his fiancée about the daily juggle between managing his cafe, writing, and family life.

— Ben Zimmerman leads us through Brooklyn with his two poems, "In Between Steps" and "Levi", pausing to discuss unemployment concerns with an empathetic roommate.

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— We recently sat down with runaway poet "Timo" Fuller at Sidamo Coffee & Tea in DC, where he treated us to an extract from We All Dance At Once: a ruminative pilgrimage through the Amazon basin.

— Steve Nahaj and Susanne Lettenmeier move south towards Mediterranean shores. Ahead of them, the Acropolis stands to be discovered, olives to be devoured, and luggage-hauling mules to be walked alongside.

— Steve Nahaj and longtime pal Sunny Deo prowl the streets of D.C. on a chilly night, just weeks preceding Trump's inauguration. The effect of their short journey is captured in this piece, inspired by a 2006 project.

— Steve Nahaj and Susanne Lettenmeier take to the skies and land in the bustling epicenter of Bangkok, eventually making their way through Cambodia and parts unknown.

— Novelist Steve Nahaj and his German fiancée, Susanne Lettenmeier, hit the road in search of the old west and, as always, golden truth.