Episode #9 | Alison Koehler
—She has the clearest canvases of any known artist (with the exception, perhaps, of skywriting pilots). Recently, Alison Koehler treated us to an intimate reading, garbed in Poetry Brothel attire. Features a discussion with author-poet Jason Stoneking. Music by Kronos Quartet and Rena Jones.

Color or an idea

(shortened version heard in video)

Which comes first
color or an idea
a life of pages blank
filled each second new
held afraid one more
How do holidays cascade down
the blue white garlands
what does making have to do
with the sensations of an infant heart
Howler monkey in chains
chokes a green macaw
and upstairs acorns sit on chairs
edges square like a king
and deer camera flash
in water
The only new is
page one of
no way to be subversive
just take it off
the only compass is what
expands, brings afraid
shaking before and after
The drawings look the same
this is a blend of Turner
and Gustav Moreau
but your line drawings
they are the scratches of a five
year old girl
How do you make the most
and untrained raw
as the sensations of an infant heart
nothing to rifle antlers
prince of tree bark
a horse stuffed whole
solid porcelain sock
surprise with
hands, improvisation
this only
one night
drawn to forget
Almost the end of anything

About the Poet

Photo: Sabine Dundure

Born in Chicago, Alison Grace Koehler began making stained glass in the city of light. She received le Diplôme de Métiers d’Art from ENSAAMA as well as the Bourse Leonardo to study and archive stained glass in Scotland. She currently works independently at the Parisian pépinière of Atelier Lengaï. She is poet and painter as well as glass artist, and her work in these mediums is interconnected. Her stained glass, like her poetry, is imbued with delicate and bold personal expression as well as happenstance and broken glass. She makes windows and hangings for transient exhibits and installations, as well as permanent art for private homes. You can find her work at alisonkoehler.com

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