Trip: Among the Archaic | Greece
—Steve Nahaj and Susanne Lettenmeier move south towards Mediterranean shores. Ahead of them, the Acropolis stands to be discovered, olives to be devoured, and luggage-hauling mules to be walked alongside. Music by Allah-Lahs. Short article by Steve.

We live in edited times.

My ability to slice and compress nine days of occasions, emotion, and movement into a video that closes under the three-minute mark is, in a way, disconcerting. It shakes me as a false portrait, yet when I view this montage, my mind automatically fills gaps with the broader strokes of what I can remember, and then this piece serves its true charm.

The effect for viewers is different, I realize. You will watch and feel an overall sense of adventure. You will lay eyes on the faces of two people that appear vaguely familiar—like the foliage of one tree compared with the next. You will enjoy the sights, the music and quick cuts, the finely pixelated sunshine. Your brain may trick you into believing that a normal trip (or life) should move at this pace.

Well, ha!

Many have asked why, at the end of our travel featurettes, I leave a space where nothing appears to be happening. The reason: that’s most of what happened. Beautiful, beautiful nothingness.

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