Trip: Thailand & Cambodia
—Steve Nahaj and Susanne Lettenmeier take to the skies and land in the bustling epicenter of Bangkok, eventually making their way through Cambodia and parts unknown. Video by Steve Nahaj. Music by Kronos Quartet.

Not included in video:

hammock anywhere cut grass with machete naked boy in shiny dirty water girls on smart phone dogs wandering stray and wild monkeys by elephant crossing look left but don’t stare everything is a dollar straw brooms on dusty red streets and whole family moped swallowed in whispering traffic where dead skin is eaten by the masseuse fish near Americana bar in high humidity on handlebars babies will ride after eating insect food they pull out selfie sticks and make paper from poo-llution by rusted tired shacks decorated in awakened moonlight before the rooster crows at 4:30 you’ve got a plane to catch

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