Antics: Spellbinding Tree Lady

There are moments in life that just look better in slow motion.

Over the past weekend, we skipped through the streets of Nördlingen, Germany, to experience Stadtmauerfest, a one-of-a-kind Medieval festival that takes place every three years.

Anyhow, I was standing there on the cobblestone with my iPhone in hand, trying to experience an ensemble cast worthy of Tolkien’s approval, when the urge to shoot overcame me. Luckily, I raised the camera just in time, framing a warlord as he marched past, huffing, followed by our “tree lady”, lumbering gracefully, smile plastered on her Geisha-like face.

There existed something truly magical, especially in the faces of the spectators. A dream queen enriching the lives of a thousand eyes.

About the Author

Steve Nahaj has spent the past decade wandering throughout the US and Europe, which has provided a platform of experiences for his autobiographical fiction novels. His adventures include one year traveling via 18-wheeler and another living in Paris, maintaining a narrative focus on coming-of-age absurdity and mindfulness in our hyperactive 21st century. Steve has published two novels, Welcome to the Abyss and Other Lives for the Desert. He is also the creator of the Runaway Poets web series, and a regular show producer. You can follow him @nahajguy

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