Reading: We All Dance At Once
—We recently sat down with runaway poet “Timo” Fuller at Sidamo Coffee & Tea in DC, where he treated us to an extract from We All Dance At Once: a ruminative pilgrimage through the Amazon basin.

Little backstory on this video…

Tim and I met in DC this past January, 2019.

Our collaborations on Runaway Poets had been quiet for some time (nearly two years), and “Timo” mentioned that he’d finished his debut & wanted to shoot something simple. We had no plans whatsoever other than to arrive in the capital and meander until landing in a cozy spot.

Sadly, it poured rain for the better half of the day, leaving little time to scout. We’d already been to Sidamo Coffee & Tea in the morning, and after hours of wandering, decided to return to this Ethiopian hideout. The employees were kind enough to mute their jazz, and well, I guess that’s where the story ends. We shot the video and Tim caught a bus back to Jersey.

What’s important here isn’t the backstory, but the book itself. Maybe I shoulda started with that. Timo handed me a bundle of paper years ago and called it his first real adventure. He didn’t have a clue about where to start with the publishing process, but plunged in with gusto; editing while Airbnb-hopping in Spain and moving between coasts in the US.

We All Dance At Once is a testament to Tim’s inquisitive spirit, following his protagonist from suburbia to the Ecuadorian wilderness in search of repose and personal truth. The novel grapples with many themes that define the runaway ethos and hearkens back to a time when social media was still in its infancy, contributing to its far-from-home dynamic.

Ultimately, “UlTimo Timo” has penned a damn-fine debut, and we at RP are proud of his success.

Find the book here.

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